Vital Capacity

‘Everybody has a reason to live’

The new novel is underway! Set a little in the future, the idea for the book came from an observation I made working as a Doctor particularly on the Intensive Care Unit. It was the overwhelming drive people have to survive, even when all hope appears to have been lost. Perhaps you may have said to yourself at some point, when the time comes, if I get really ill or I’m unable to function properly, I would want Doctors to let me go, to not suffer. But more often than not, when the time comes, people want to live, there is a force there that compels them. Not all the time of course, but more than one might imagine.

It was this notion, coupled with some recent scientific advances that I won’t give away just yet (but are quite amazing and, in my view, have received surprisingly little press) that formed the background for Vital Capacity.

I’ll post some excerpts and videos discussing the book as it evolves, so watch out for those!