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Writing Fiction Based on Real Science in the NYTimes

What a good idea!  Fiction Based on Real Science NYTimes.

‘mini-kidneys’ from human stem cells…ever read ‘Never let me go’?!

Scientists create mini-kidneys. Anyone read ‘Never let me go’?…by Kazuo Ishiguro.…The kidney is essentially a repeating structure (the nephron) that filters blood and delivers urine as waste, which is of some help when trying to do this, but still….it really feels like we’re on the brink of growing organs for transplant.

Ian McEwan on ‘art meets science’, are they really so different?

Ian McEwan on ‘art meets science’. One of the key themes of this discussion is about the language and hence the accessibility of science. Most in society will have, at best, a schizophrenic relationship with science, in having little direct technical knowledge of it and yet appreciative and touched by it every waking second. Agnosticism…
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Doris Lessing dies aged 94

Doris Lessing dies aged 94. Many, no doubt, will not have heard of Doris, but she was one of the greatest writers Britain has ever produced. Her writing can be dark and uplifting, dystopian and utopian, at the same time. An oeuvre you must visit or, perhaps, re-visit.

New Video: Darwin vs. Lamarck, the comeback kid.

…an old genetic theory that threads it’s way through #ANTISENSE the new novel from RP Marshall

New Video: R.P.Marshall on how genetics informed his novel, Antisense

Bee’s detect disease on the breeze

Strange, but bee’s can smell signals on a person’s breath that detect diseases…. They detect volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), the by-products of the metabolism of our cells and of bugs too that we breathe out every day…more in the link.

The UK personal genome project

The great science we can do on a relatively small island with such a high concentration of great science and great people!   100,000 UK volunteers invited to donate genome to science.

Kazuo Ishiguro: 59 and counting

Bit of a hero of mine. Anyone else? Goodreads | Quote of the Day for November 8, 2013.

Fancy a game of TaqMan?

Hot springs like this are one source of Thermus Aquaticus or ‘Taq’. Taq has an enzyme that replicates DNA…For that reason it’s been used to amplify DNA. Genetic finger printing? Was all done using Taq. But more recently scientists can now sequence the DNA, so it’s not the latest technique but it’s still used a…
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