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Human memory capacity equal to internet: so how much do we process the past?

The memory capacity of our brains is ten times that previously thought. How does that make you feel? I guess the first question is: how big or small did we think it was before – everything is relative and all that? Well, big. Very big. Now we think it contains a petabyte of data, which is a…
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Give a new element a name for the modern age!

#4newelements have been added to the periodic table. Why not give them a name for a bit of new year fun?! Find the full Poll on Facebook.  

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Is More Less? Japanese bookshop stocks only one book at a time

It’s been while since I posted but this really caught my eye     It’s something of a conundrum to those of us above a certain age: the sheer accessibility of stuff. Music, books, pictures, information. It worries us because it would seem the future is a world in which no-one has the time to live in…
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Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to childrens genes | Science | The Guardian

Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to childrens genes | Science | The Guardian.

Going Big down Under! #Antisense on the best sellers!

Pipped to No.19 by Grisham! But don’t worry, us Poms won’t miss out

Homeopathy Not Effective: Quelle Surprise!

As a scientist, being balanced is important. Though not always successful, I do strive to see both sides of an argument. But there are a few ‘theories’ or ‘doctrines’ out there that require no such circumspection. Homeopathy. I think everybody will be familiar with the concept. It has no molecular or physical basis for existing….
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Review: Antisense by R. P. Marshall – Claire loves to read!

Thanks to Claire for the nice review    

Bad luck, bad journalism and cancer rates

Wasn’t it a surprise to find out that cancer wasn’t our fault after all? It was just the runes, the stars. It was Karma, Kismet, chance and all that malarky? Not so fast. A nice article in The Guardian (following a bad one, it has to be said) explains the myth behind the hype. In essence…
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ANTISENSE: Number one in the Kindle Free Book List!