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Publishing’s panic seems to subside in 2013: Hurrah!

There’s hope for me yet . Publishing’s panic seems to subside  

Spermbots! Nuts or not?

Could Robo-Sperm Be the Drug Delivery Mechanism of the Future? Robo-Sperm.

Why Bond’s Martinis were shaken and not stirred?

The BMJ publishes a spoof article each christmas, but this is a particularly good one. Just shows you can apply scientific principles to just about anything. It just won’t always be appropriate to do so. But thought of another way…how much of the ‘science’ that grabs the headlines (rather the best science in scientific journals)…
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Government promises on science and innovation

Always tough to know what it means in real terms?  Government promises new strategy on science and innovation. Actually, I think the fact it gets a mention at all is a positive note. It’s tough to get a spot on the autumn statement. There is enough going on with the world and wrong with the world…
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Rearranging the desk chairs…not sure how many people will relate to this but what the heck!

Only a scientist 🙂 Rearranging the desk chairs  

Buy a Copy of #ANTISENSE today and send it racing up the Amazon charts…it’s #ANTISENSE-DAY!

  Today’s the day to buy your copy and sort all your Xmas presents out  

Scientists Ambivalent About Open Access publication

Interesting and understandable: the great paradox in science. Give away your data but ensure you get full recognition. Science mag.

How science goes wrong…?

How big are the problems with scientific research? Economics, ego and evangelism in science? Discuss! This has caused quite a stir amongst the scientific community. That many observations in biomedicine are hard to replicate, and the fact there is a lack of published ‘negative’ results (i.e. results that don’t support a hypothesis being ‘right) is hard…
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The best euphemisms for plagiarism in science: “the unattributed overlap”

You have to admire their creativity! The Best Euphemisms for Plaigarism in science!.

Saturday 7th December is ANTISENSE-DAY!

Saturday 7th December is ANTISENSE-DAY! Buy ANTISENSE for all your friends and family and send it racing up the Amazon charts!! We’re co-ordinating a mass purchase on Amazon to get ANTISENSE up the charts so now is the time to tell everyone about A-Day… Saturday December 7th.  AND…don’t forget to write a (good!) Amazon review….
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