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Antisense free download today! On KindofBook UK

Thanks to Literary Fiction Book Review for the great, erm…Review!

You can read their review here

Under 25s Having Obesity Surgery

Continuing on from my previous blog now come the stats on weight loss reduction surgery. 40% of patients undergoing bariatric surgery are under 25, which is, of course, good and bad news.  Good they want to do something about their weight, bad they got to that point in the first place. To be eligible for the…
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Publishing Push feature Author R.P. Marshall

You can read more here. Many thanks to my friends at publishing push.

A taskforce on obesity?

no doubt its a problem, but what are the causes? Reaching for cheap calories and austerity certainly go hand in hand but this has been coming way before 2009. Poverty in general is one aspect of this. Changing patterns of activity (or rather inactivity) too. We just don’t move about under our own volition as…
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Indie Book Bargains features #ANTISENSE by R.P.Marshall

Indie Book Bargains.

Just in case you don’t think CO2 and global temperatures are related

This is what scientists used to explain climate change to sceptical florida governor, Rick Scott. You can read more here. But who needs to?

Co-author of retracted stem cell papers commits suicide

  I posted earlier this year on the exciting news that stem cells, with the potential to create and repair new organs and tissues. might be generated much more easily than previously thought. Normally these need to be derived from Fetal cells, but generating true stem cells with the potential to become almost any type…
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Genetic Screening to Enhance IQ: Brave New World, anyone?

The world faces many challenges over the coming decades, not least environmental. Ethically, one of them will be genetic engineering. It’s an old concept, but it is a new reality. Cloning has been much discussed but a far more immediate issue is raised by the probability of finding genetic variations that might that be manipulated…
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A cure for optimism? It’s got to be possible, right?

Not a cure exactly, but this study raises the notion of optimism as a survival factor. In a nutshell, the authors of this scientific experiment have shown that squirting cold water into one ear and not into the other, hence triggering a so called vestibular response (vertigo, or room-spin, to you and me) reduces people’s sense…
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