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What Makes Us Feel an Itch? NPPB apparently!

Itch is a funny beast. We recognise the sensation as being quite distinct from other forms of discomfort such a sharp pain, pressure, hot and cold. So there has always been a hypothesis that there must be specific itch neurons or nerve cells. Yet they have remained elusive…until now. Nppb is a neurochemical that seems…
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New Stem Cell method is a “Game Changer”: could it be they just needed a little juice!?

The New Method involves incubating blood cells in citric acid. That’s the acid you find in fruit juices! It forced the cells to de-differentiate back into embryonic stem cells (ESCs). So what? Well, let’s start at the beginning. When embryos are developing, they start off with just a handful of cells. And yet those cells are capable…
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New Video: R.P.Marshall discusses his motivation for writing Antisense

As promised some more musings on writing #Antisense Watch out for an Amazon promotion on the book coming later this week!!!

Eminent scientist Lewis Wolpert sorry for using others’ work

This guy (link to Guardian article) used to teach me Embryology. Eccentric and very smart = entertaining lectures. For which we were grateful. There was a bizarre rumour that he never used to wear the same pair of socks twice. (And no I didn’t take drugs at medical school, except ibuprofen. But can’t vouch for all…
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The ultimate way to keep in touch?

3-D Display Lets Video Callers Interact With Remote Objects. Endless possibilities (stop sniggering!). It’s been a frequent topic of debate, the way physical and ‘true’ ‘in the flesh’  interaction has been curtailed by ‘e-interaction’, both in business and in our personal lives. But the generation being brought up on social media is so much more…
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Publishing’s panic seems to subside in 2013: Hurrah!

There’s hope for me yet . Publishing’s panic seems to subside  

Spermbots! Nuts or not?

Could Robo-Sperm Be the Drug Delivery Mechanism of the Future? Robo-Sperm.

Why Bond’s Martinis were shaken and not stirred?

The BMJ publishes a spoof article each christmas, but this is a particularly good one. Just shows you can apply scientific principles to just about anything. It just won’t always be appropriate to do so. But thought of another way…how much of the ‘science’ that grabs the headlines (rather the best science in scientific journals)…
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Government promises on science and innovation

Always tough to know what it means in real terms?  Government promises new strategy on science and innovation. Actually, I think the fact it gets a mention at all is a positive note. It’s tough to get a spot on the autumn statement. There is enough going on with the world and wrong with the world…
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