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New Stem Cell method is a “Game Changer”: could it be they just needed a little juice!?

The New Method involves incubating blood cells in citric acid. That’s the acid you find in fruit juices! It forced the cells to de-differentiate back into embryonic stem cells (ESCs). So what? Well, let’s start at the beginning. When embryos are developing, they start off with just a handful of cells. And yet those cells are capable of generating all the tissues in a fully grown adult human being. It’s why ESCs are such unique commodities, which if we could get hold of them and programme them correctly could replace injured or diseases tissues. Previously, to get ESCs you needed…an embryo. Which is not only difficult but also ethically dubious to some. This techniques suggests we could create them using a persons own blood cells… nuff said. As always it’s early days but what an incredible possibility.