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The ultimate way to keep in touch?

3-D Display Lets Video Callers Interact With Remote Objects. Endless possibilities (stop sniggering!). It’s been a frequent topic of debate, the way physical and ‘true’ ‘in the flesh’  interaction has been curtailed by ‘e-interaction’, both in business and in our personal lives. But the generation being brought up on social media is so much more connected and engaged with the world and with each other than previous generations.

Much that is wrong with the world is based on ignorance, so having a much broader knowledge of  the global community, and growing up cognisant of,  and comfortable with, a diversity of peoples and cultures, their issue and problems, should be for the good. Right? As for touching them, well…just to speculate for a moment. Many of the positive emotions we perceive on human contact (beyond infantile survival responses) are acquired or conditioned as we develop. So couldn’t all those same benefits and good feelings be retained if, from the outset, they could also be associated with more artifical forms of contact like the one in this article?  Our brains would just wire themselves differently to the same effect?

inFORM device